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Aiko Kurasawa

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Sub Title:

Effect of Development Policy and Social Change at Grass-roots Community in Indonesia

Course Description:

I will describe social changes brought by rapid and heavy development policy, taking a case of Indonesia. My analysis is based on field research in two sites (one urban and another rural) where I have been watching since 1996. I will focus on changes on such aspects as human relations within the community, flow of information and changes in communication mode, religious piety, life-style etc. I will show you video which I recorded at the research sites.
Through this course first of all I want you to get clear image on people's life in a relatively "unknown" world, and so doing, to reconsider such questions as what is "development" and what is "prosperity. Does economic development really bring you prosperity and happiness ?

Critical analysis and evaluation are most welcome.

Classes: 13
One 90-minute class per week

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