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01(Sep 27)

Introduction:self introduction

concept of "development"

Lecture notes(PDF)
02 (Oct.4)

Indonesia and its Development Policy

Introduction of Indonesia (landscape, short history etc)

open-door policy vis-à-vis nationalistic economic policy

Comparison with Japan 50 years ago

political stability (=authoritarian regime) vis-à-vis democracy

political system, election, human rights

Lecture notes(PDF)
03 (Oct. 11)

Mobilization and Control:  Administrative System under authoritarian government

Political control to make stability and development

Neighborhood association (RT/RW)

Lecture notes(PDF)
04 (Oct. 18) Poverty in Rural Society

green revolution, micro finance etc.

migration to cities and foreign countries

definition of "poverty"
Lecture notes(PDF)
05 (Oct.25)

Poverty in Urban Society

Life in Urban kompung

migration of rural population to urban sector

workers in informal sector

city planning and the expulsion of urban poor sector

06 (Nov.1)

Communication Policy and Media

role of media in development

communication system for top-down development policy

07 (Nov.8) Social Development: Education  
08(Nov.15) Social Development: Public Health and Family Planning  
09 (Nov.29)

Religion and Traditional Culture

Authorized five religions and Pancasila

Country with largest Moslem population, but non-Islamic nationWhat is Islam? (sholat, haji, zakat etc)

10 (Dec. 6) Reawakening of Islam 

Rise of Islam fundamentalism

Moslem education
11(Dec.13) The Rise of Middle Class

democracy and middle class

life-style of middle class
12 (Dec. 20) cultural globalization and Japanese Pop Culture  
13(Jan. 11) Japanese Investment and Economic Cooperation to Indonesia  
14 (Jan.18) Final Discussion  

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