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INDIA TODAY, Fall 2007


Yuko Nishimura

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Sub Title:

Religion, Politics, Gender, and Civic Engagement

Course Description:

This course is aimed at describing India from post-modern perspective. In this course, participants will study how India’s ‘modernity’ was created by British colonization and what are the problems of India Today. We will also study how religion, politics, and gender relations intertwine very closely and affect people’s daily lives. In the latter part of this course, we will also study the roles of India’s NGOs. We will study caste, class, kinship and gender from the post modern perspective. We will learn the cultural difference between the North, the South, the East and the West. We will also cover issues surrounding ‘dowry’ problems in India. Students are encouraged to raise questions in each lectures and actively
participate. Participants will also learn the basics of essay writing.

Classes: 13
One 90-minute class per week

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