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[01] 1st Week: Shopping
[02] 2nd Week: Introduction to the course, handouts, a short reading list; Imagining the nation—European and Native American ideas.
Extract from Todorov’s The Conquest of America; Sollors, Theories of Ethnicity; de
Tocqueville, Democracy in America,
[03] 3rd Week: 3 Worlds Meet—Europe, West Africa and Native Indian—Video Script. Disney imagining Pocahontas—multicultural, racial
(anti-British and anti-Indian) and feminist issues
[04] 4th Week: Immigration and Cultural Change, video; OMD Directive 15. Immigrant writers such as Saul Bellow/Malamud Isaac Singer/Anzia Yezeriska, Toshio Mori, Hisaye Yamamoto, John Okada, Jhumpa Lahiri, Amy Tan et. al. Handout: Giles Gunn,
“Globalizing Literary Studies.”
[05] 5th Week: A brief discussion of topics of presentation such as European pioneers, Native American concept of land/music/family life/politics, immigrants/ multiculturalism/working class life in big cities (Reisman, The Lonely Crowd); personal is political, civil rights movement—Malcolm X/Martin Luther King/FBI; Japanese Americans/Internment camps/loyalties etc. Choose topics for presentation.
[06] 6th Week: Make small groups (about 2/3 students) to discuss presentation topics followed by
question-and-answer discussion session.
Summing up—representation of social and political reality. Create a format for presentation/outline.
[07] 7th Week: World Wars I and II/Postwar America. Extracts from Gitlin and Hollinger; Show all three
videos (if time permits).
[08] 8th Week: Readings form speeches of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr,. A discussion of Harlem and the First Abyssinian Church,
New York; Handout from Stuart Hall, Representation; Taylor and Appiah, Multiculturalism.
[09] 9th Week: American Foreign Policy: Show video US and the World (1865-1917); extract from
Huntington’s The Clash of Civilization.
[10] 10th Week: Henry Kissinger and others on American Foreign Policy
[11] 11th Week: End-Semester Presentation and 4-page final report
[12] 12th Week: End-Semester Presentation and 4-page final report
[13] 13th Week: End-Semester Presentation for latecomers/course evaluation

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