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Aftab Seth

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A view from a practitioner

Course Description:

This series will cover a wide rage of subject:
Civilisational cross fertilization, The Cold War, South Asia where one sixth of humanity resides, the vital questions arising from attempts being made to bring about integration at Track I and Track II levels, the increasing role being played by NGOs and civil society in harmonisingdivergences on a range of issues, the vibrant country Vietnam its troubled past and its bright future, and related topics. These lectures will be presented in the context of 35 years spent by the lecturer, in the practice of Diplomacy, 7 of which were as a Consul General, in charge of post which is a sub office of and Embassy and 11 years as an Ambassador to 3 countries, Greece, Vietnam and Japan.

Classes: 13
One 90-minute class per week

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