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Kazumi GOTO

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Course Description:

The twenty-first century is an era of global governance. The realm of contemporary international relations has seen the commencement of new political attempts to gradually reform existing systems in complex governance with different players and multi-tiered networks for the creation of a convivial global society, in which the common values of peace, prosperity and stability are pluralistically shared, overcoming the risks of asymmetry and tit-for-tat sequences. In this new political initiative towards an unknown world, there are some critical challenges, including the pursuit of public goals in the international community and of effective measures to reach them. In the new world of international
development cooperation, aid donors and aid recipients have different dreams yet lie in the same bed with a dynamic and tense relationship. By reviewing frontline efforts in international development cooperation with a view towards sustainable growth and poverty reduction from the perspective of cooperation policies, this course is intended to provide some basic foundations and applications for the management of international development cooperation with students that are interested in the main issues of poverty and development in the developing regions, and that wish to be involved in the world of international development cooperation in the future. Several guest speakers shall be invited from international aid agencies.

Classes: 12
One 90-minute class per week

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