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Course Description:

Mastering the grammar of a particular language does not guarantee a successful communication with a native speaker of that language. This is because language does not only function as a conveyance of information, but also has other functions such as expressing the language user’s attitude/emotions. The objective of this course is to encourage a more profound understanding of the functions of language that exist beyond referential meaning, with particular attention given to markers and their uses in Japanese. An understanding of this aspect of language, and the function of particular markers, will lead to a deeper understanding of communication in Japanese in general. This course comprises three main parts: (i) general review of the non-referential function of language; (ii) the
case of English briefly reviewing markers such as you know and like; and (iii) the case of Japanese which will include markers such as ne, yo, -janai, doose, datte, maa, nan(ka), mono, no, yappari etc.

Grading Methods:

Evaluation will be based on attendance, participation in class discussions, essays, and oral
presentation (s).

Angela A-Jeoung Kim

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