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[01] Introduction
Identify major economic problems facing current Japanese economy.
[02] Discuss Paul Krugman ”The Myth of Asia’s Miracle” Foreign Affairs, November/December 1994.
Discuss Takahusa Nakamura “The Postwar Japanese Economy,” chapter 2. ”Reform and Reconstruction”

Discuss” Rapid Growth” and “The Mechanism and Policies of Growth”

[04] (1) Discuss Richard Katz,” Japanese Phoenix-the long road to economic
Revival”, M.E.Sharp.2003.Chapter 3. ”Overcoming the dual economy- backward sectors are the key to Japan’s revival”. Chapter 4 “. Overcoming Anorexia – the labours Sisyphus-“
[05] Discuss “The End of Rapid Growth”
[06] Discuss Japanese economy and International Environment
See Nakamura Chapter 7.
See Richard Katz, Chapter 9. “ Globalization. -The Linchpin of reform-“
Chapter11” Foreign Direct Investment - A Sea Change-“.
[07] Discuss “The Collapse of the Bubble Economy”.
(1) Thomas F. Cargill, Michael M. Hutchison, Takatoshi Ito, ”The Political Economy of Japanese Monetary Policy,” Chapter 5.The Bubble Economy and its Collpase”,
(2) Chapter 6. Asset-Price Deflation: Nonperforming Loans, Jusen Companies, and Regulatory Inertia.”The MIT Press.1997.
(3) Richard Katz, chapter 12. “ Financial integration
(4) See also Nakamura chapter 8.
[08] Restoring Japan’s Economic Growth
Chapter 1.” Diagnosis: Macroeconomic Mistakes, Not Structural Stagnation”
[09] Discuss Financial and International Risks and Inflation Target.
(1) Chapter 4. “Mounting Downside Risks: Financial and International”
(2) Chapter 6. Recognizing a mistake, not blaming a model” in Adam S Posen.
[10] Can Japan Compete?
(1) Chapter 2. “Challenging the Japanese Government Model
(2) Chapter 3. “Rethinking Japanese Management”,
(3) Chapter 5. “How Japan can Move Forward: The Agenda For Government”, Michael E. Porter, Hirotaka Takeuchi& Mariko Sakakibara, “Can Japan Compete?” Macmillan Press Ltd.2000
(4) Richard Katz, chapter 16 “ Competition policy- Not enough competition, even less policy”.
[11] Deregulation and state enterprises, Tax reform
(1) Richard Katz, chapter 18 “ deregulation and state enterprises- The momentum is clear, the destination is not.”
(2) Chapter 19.”Tax Reform- Don’t Exacerbate Anorexia”.
[12] Social Security System, Ageing problems and Widening Income Disparity
Toshiaki Tachibanaki.ed. The Economics of Social Security in Japan, The ESRS Studies Series on Ageing, Edward Edgar Publishing Inc .2004
[13] Summing up

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