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Economy of Japan, Spring 2004

Aside from the introductory lecture, these lectures mainly contain information gathered from official Web sites and printed materials. For this reason, only the lecture notes for the first lecture are given here.

[01] Introductory lecture [pdf]
[02] Chapter 3 Economic Growth
[03] Chapter 4 Business cycles & Economic Policies
[04] Chapter 5 Financial Markets & Monetary Policy
[05] Chapter 6 Public Finance and Fiscal Policies
[06] Chapter 7 Industrial Structure and Policy
[07] Chapter 8 The Labour Market
[08] Chapter 9 Saving and the Cost of Capital
[09] Chapter 10 International Trade/
Chapter 12 US-Japan Economic Conflicts
[10] Chapter 11 International Finance/
Chapter 12 US-Japan Economic Conflicts
[11] Chapter 13 The Distribution System
[12] Chapter 14 Asset Prices: Land and Equities

Additional References [pdf]

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