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EU-Japan Economic Relations, Fall 2006


This course is offered in English to third and forth year undergraduate students. It is also offered through the International Centre at the Mita campus of Keio University. The goal is to provide a broad overview of the economic relations between the European Union (EU) and Japan. Each lecture is based on different chapters of Julie Gilson's book, Japan and the European Union, Macmillan Press (in the UK), St. Martin's Press (in the US), 2000, and additional materials as necessary. Several Copies of this book are on reserve at the library. Students are expected to participate actively by way of questions and comments. At the end of each lecture, we assign a set of three questions related to the topic of the next lecture. Students must write a report (400 words) on one of the questions and submit it at the beginning of the next lecture. By writing this weekly report, students are to familiarise themselves with the topic before coming to the lectures. Evaluation is based on class participation and an essay (4,000 words) on a related topic of the student's choice, submitted at the end of the term.

KAJI, Sahoko


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