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Shuhei SHIOZAWA, Ph.D.

Masahiro SATO

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This course will focus on the issues of Social Responsibility (SR) and sustainable development.  We start with reviewing the historical transitions of the SR concept in the 20th century and its socio-economical and theoretical backgrounds, and then move to the latest developments both in Japan and in the global community that have been required as the risks and threats to sustainable development grew. Those include the standardization of SR by ISO or other institutions, the innovations of practical SR tools such as code of conduct, reporting, labeling, or SRI (Social Responsible Investment), and the policy frameworks designed to utilize private incentives to achieve social goals. Especially, we will focus on various international multi-stakeholder initiatives on SR and their views on new public governance models based on transparency and accountability of organizations. We will also pick up and discuss some concrete examples of socially responsible activities of various organizations as we go along.

Some guest speakers who are engaged in SR or actual policy process from different standpoints such as the government, think-tanks, and NGOs will be invited in our class. Through the discussions with them, we can get a sense of their views on the topics that we discuss in the lecture part, which will also give us some hints or ideas that may be useful in preparing for student presentations.

Classes: 13
One 90-minute class per week

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