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Shumpei TAKEMORI, Ph.D.

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In the past, the lecture has been conducted following the lecturer’s interests at the moment and not necessarily conducted along the path indicated in the syllabus. So the best advice for students in reading the following course outline would be to attend the first lecture. You would know better about my course when you do so.

The course will focus on the post WWII development of Japanese Economy and will examine the role of international trade in enabling the economic development. The analysis will be Micro as well as Macro because there is a strong reason to believe that the balance of payment consideration was the prime factor behind the Japanese fiscal- monetary policy in the post WWII era.  The course will have a strong emphasis on the historical account.  I particular I have in mind the participation of foreign audiences who have keen interest in Japanese historical experiences.  The participants must have a sound knowledge on the theories of International Trade and International Finance.

Classes: 13
One 90-minute class per week

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