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Ⅰ. A Review of Closed Economy Macroeconomics
IS-LM Analysis, Aggregate Supply, and Aggregate Demand


Ⅱ. Basic Concepts in Open Economy Macroeconomics
Small Country Assumption, Stock vs. Flow, The Balance of Payments, The Exchange Rate, The Interest Rate Parity Condition


Ⅲ. Theories of Exchange Rate Determination
Purchasing Power Parity, Stock Equilibrium Approach, Flow Approach, The Marshall-Lerner Condition, The J-curve Effect


Ⅳ. The Mundell-Fleming Results
The M-F Result and the Structure of the Model — a Simple Model, The M-F Result under Fixed Exchange Rates, Alternative Assumptions: Two-Country, Imperfect Capital Substitution, The M-F Result under Flexible Exchange Rates, Alternative Assumption: Two-Country


Ⅴ. The Speed of Adjustment of Endogenous Variables and Overshooting

[06] Ⅵ. Economic Interdependence and Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes

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