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We welcome your feedback on Keio University's Opencourseware

Keio OCW is a project that offers, free of charge, the content of courses taught at Keio University on the Internet. For educational purposes and for non-commercial use, there is no need to apply, register, or acquire permission, and anyone may use the course information free of charge.

Your comments are welcomed even though our policy does not allow us to reply, but please be assured that your feedback is very useful for the management of this site.

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Keio OCW is not Keio University distance learning or lectures via the Internet, and use of the information on this Web site does not count towards attendance of Keio University lectures, credit approval, or degree approval. Click here for more information.

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Please read the "Usage of This Site" section and the FAQs for more information about the handling of copyright on the Keio OCW Web site.

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