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(*) Keio University stopped adding new contents to this site as of March 2009.
Existing conents are still available for your use.

Welcome to Keio University's Opencourseware (OCW)

This Web site offers, free of charge, the content of courses taught at Keio University so that both students and professionals involved in higher education can gain access to its educational materials. By digitizing this rich source of intellectual property and making it available throughout the world, Keio hopes to contribute to the global endeavor of all academic institutions to nurture students and to help them achieve their full potential.


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Keio University celebrated its 150th anniversary in the last year 2008



[Note]Use of the information contained on the Keio OCW Web site does not require registration or any application process. Use is not limited to those registered for courses at Keio University, nor will it entitle users to any qualifications awarded by the university. Materials published on this site may only be used for nonprofit educational purposes, but as long as this is the object, the materials may be freely used, copied, distributed, translated and edited. Copyright of the materials is owned by Keio University, unless indicated otherwise.


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A Message from Keio University President Yuichiro Anzai
In the last year 2008, Keio University celebrated its 150th anniversary as the first modern, comprehensive educational institution in Japan. Keio founder Yukichi Fukuzawa sought to build a university that would become "a leader of society as a whole," and, over the past century and a half, our institution has strived to play a leadership role in all fields of society. This effort continues in the present era, where Japan and the world face a significant period of transition. Fukuzawa chose the name Keio Gijuku (Keio Philanthropic School) to express his idea of an institution open to people with ambition from all over the world. Rooted in this history, Keio University recognizes its responsibility, as an academic institution open to the world, to construct and make available opportunities for the creation of knowledge-based data of the highest international standards, and to coordinate this effort with practical learning under the slogan "Leadership for the Future." Keio OCW, based on Keio University's vision of the future, has been launched as part of a program to offer to the world the knowledge generated by Keio University. I hope that this undertaking will assist a large number of people in their individual knowledge-based activities.

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