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Fujiwara-Greve, Takako

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University

Professor Fujiwara-Greve graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Keio University in 1986 and obtained a Ph.D. in business administration (subfield: economic analysis and policy) from Stanford University in 1995.  She specializes in microeconomics and game theory.  Publications include: Takako Fujiwara-Greve and Carsten K. Nielsen "Learning to Coordinate by Forward Loooking Players" Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali, CXIII(3): 413-437, 2006; Takako Fujiwara-Greve and Henrich R. Greve "The Role of Expectation in Job Search and Firm Size Effect on Wages" Japanese Economic Review, 55(12): 56-85, 2004; Henrich R. Greve and Takako Fujiwara-Greve "Job Search with Organizational Size as a Signal" Social Forces, 82(2): 643-669, 2003.

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