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KAJI, Sahoko

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University

Professor Kaji received her B.A. in economics in 1982, M.A. in economics in 1984, both from Keio University, and Ph.D. in economics in 1992 from The Johns Hopkins University.  She has been Professor of economics since 1999 and in addition Programme Co-ordinator of the Professional Career Programme (http://www.econ.keio.ac.jp/lecture/pcp/eindex.htm) since 2006, at Keio.  She is also member of several governmental councils.  Her publications include ‘Successful Structural Reforms after EMU’, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 12, 1998, pp. 507-534; ‘What can Countries do to avoid a Financial Crisis?’, The World Economy, vol. 24, No.4, April 2000, pp. 567-589; ‘Economie: la decennie perdue’, politique etrangere, Janvier-Mars 2002, pp.67-90; and Kokusai Tsuka Taisei no Keizaigaku (The Economics of Exchange Rate Regmies), Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing, 2004; Yoshino, Naoyuki and Sahoko Kaji and Ayako Suzuki, “The Basket-Peg, Dollar-Peg and Floating Exchange Rate Regimes -- A Comparative Analysis”, Journal of the Japanese and International Economy, 2004, June, Vol.18, PP183-217 and ‘The Re-launch of Lisbon --- A Wake-up Call to Citizens’, The Asia Pacific Journal of EU Studies, vol.5-No.1, 2007, pp. 9-30.



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