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MAEDA, Yasuo

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University

Professor Maeda graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Keio University in 1982 and obtained a Ph.D. in economics from The University of Minnesota in 1990.  He has taught at the International University of Japan and the University of Osaka before becoming Professor at Keio in 2002.  He specializes in Monetary economics and Macroeconomics.  Publications include: Maeda, Yasuo and Yoshihiko Sakai "Microeconomic foundation of LLR from the viewpoint of payment" Japanese Economic Review,forthcoming; Maeda, Yasuo and Akira Mamota "The Effect of Solvency Regulation to a Bank" Japan and the World Economy,Vol. 16,163-191, 2004; Maeda, Yasuo and Tetsuo Ono "Pareto Improving Environmental Policies in an Overlapping Generations Model" Japanese Economic Review,Vol. 53,211-225 , 2002; Maeda, Yasuo and Tetsuo Ono “Sustainable Development in an Aging Economy" Environment and Development Economics,Vol. 7, 9-22, 2002; Maeda, Yasuo and Tetsuo Ono "Is Aging Harmful to the Environment?" Environmental and Resource Economics,Vol. 20,No. 2,113-127, 2001; Maeda, Yasuo and Yoshihiko Sakai "A Bank Panic Model with a Bond Market" Japanese Economic Review, Vol. 49,No. 4,440-453, 1998; Maeda, Yasuo ”An Overlapping Generations Model with a Storage Technology" Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 57, No.1, 237-244, 1992; Maeda, Yasuo "Fiat Money in a Pairwise-Trading, Multi-Good, Overlapping Generations Model" Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 54, No.1, 84-97, 1991.

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