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MANAGI, Shunsuke

Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Yokohama National University

Professor Managi skipped his final year of university to proceed to graduate school and obtained his M.Eng. in civil engineering from Kyushu University in 1999.  He received his Ph.D. in environmental and natural resource economics at the University of Rhode Island in 2002.  His research interests include environmental and natural resource economics, agricultural economics, productivity analysis, international economics, applied microeconomics and applied econometrics. Publications include: Shunsuke Managi Technological Change and Environmental Policy: A Study of Depletion in the Oil and Gas Industry, Edward Elgar, 2007; Kenichi Akao and Shunsuke Managi "The Feasibility and Optimality of Sustainable Growth under Materials Balance", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2007; Shunsuke Managi “Are There Increasing Returns to Pollution Abatement? Empirical Analytics of the Environmental Kuznets Curve in Pesticides", Ecological Economics, vol. 58 (3), pages 617-636, 2006.

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