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[01] Orientation to the course and the drawing task of "my relationship with my mother in my childhood"
[02] Multiple definitions of Amae

Understanding Amae through visual images: comparison of 'Peanuts' and 'Doraemon'

[04] Healthy Amae Interaction: mutuality and reciprocity in Japanese social relationships
[05] Transformation of Amae in contemporary Japanese companies
[06] Transformation of Amae in contempory Japanese families seen through empirical research
[07] Transformation of Amae in contemporary Japanese families seen through children's drawings of meals and HTP test
[08] Cross cultural empirical research on Amae
[09] An American expatriate's response to Amae interaction in Japan
[10] Amae in cross cultural counseling cases in Japan ..
[11] Functions of healthy Amae: social support ?
[12] Amae and Aggression from cross cultural perspectives
[13] What do foreigners gain by learning about the concept of Amae contribute to peoples and wrap-up session.



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