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[01] Introduction to the course and decision-makers in the Meiji era
[02] The trauma of Japanese diplomacy: unequal treaties, the triple intervention and the Portsmouth treaty

The Yellow Peril and its influence on Japanese foreign relations

[04] The Anglo-Japanese alliance and the question of race
[05] The lessons of the Anglo-Japanese alliance: Is an alliance with an “Anglo-Saxon” state reliable ?
[06] Was the war evadable or inevitable ?: perception and misperception of Japanese decision-makers before the Russo-Japanese war
[07] The Russo-Japanese war as an icon in historical memory
[08] Wrong lessons from the “success” of the war and the “defeat” in diplomacy
[09] Explaining the Russo-Japanese war through the application of Graham Allison’s decision-making theories
[10] The changing views of Japan during the Russo-Japanese war: Japan from protégé to world power
[11] The wars and leaders in the Meiji era that live in Japanese culture



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