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Problems in Modern Logic, Spring-Fall 2004

[Syllabus ]

This course will examine common problems encountered in modern logic and in the study of philosophy at the postgraduate level. An analysis of the perspectives and the techniques in modern logic will primarily focus on linear logic. Class discussion will look at how modern logic has provided new ways of thinking towards traditional problems in the philosophy of logic and mathematical philosophy. An intermediate knowledge of logic theorems, such as the completeness theorem of predicate logic and the regularized theorem of proof, is necessary to take this course.

Handouts will be distributed.

Reference Materials:
Students will be given reference materials in class.

Class Schedule:
* Course Introduction
* Review of Basic Logic Knowledge
* Linear Logic (with lecture notes)
* Calculus with focus on Lambda Calculus (with lecture notes)
* Problems in the Philosophy of Logic

Note to Students:
An understanding of logic at an intermediate level is a prerequisite for this course. If you are unsure about your level, please consult with the instructor before the course begins.

Method of Assessment:
In-class tests

During office hours or by appointment

OKADA, Mitsuhiro

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